Duodenal Switch

It is a surgical procedure used in the treatment of obesity. This procedure aims to reduce the size of the stomach and decrease the absorption of food in the intestines. It is considered an effective option for achieving long-term weight loss and metabolic improvement in overweight patients.

Duodenal Switch (DS) is a surgical procedure used in the treatment of severe obesity. In this surgery, the stomach volume is reduced to decrease food intake, and the intestines are rerouted. DS is effective in promoting weight loss and improving obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. However, the operation requires careful evaluation due to potential serious side effects and dietary changes.

The Duodenal Switch procedure is a surgical method that directly affects metabolism and leads to greater weight loss. It is a viable option, especially for individuals with a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 50 kg/m2. This surgery restricts food intake and reduces the absorption of ingested food. Additionally, it is an effective method for treating health problems associated with obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. It particularly yields effective results in patients consuming fatty foods due to its ability to reduce fat absorption.

Duodenal Switch is one of the surgical methods that achieves the highest amount of weight loss in the field of obesity surgery. However, it is not frequently preferred due to the higher number of postoperative complications. After the surgery, common issues include chronic malodorous diarrhea and deficiencies in vitamins and proteins due to reduced fat absorption.

During the operation, the stomach is reduced in size, and the first part of the duodenum is divided by cutting. A 250 cm feeding pathway is created from the point where the small intestine connects to the large intestine to the duodenum. The initial part is also connected distally to form a common channel.

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Duodenal Switch Surgery Price

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  • Preoperative Examinations
  • VIP Transfers
  • Only 1 companion may stay with the patient
  • Medicament and multivitamin package
  • PCR test if required
  • Appointment with nutritionist
  • 5 nights’ accommodation at hospital
  • Individual patient care in English during the stay at the hospital
  • Patient Care after Operation (via WhatsApp)

Duodenal Switch is a surgical procedure performed for the treatment of obesity. In this procedure, a portion of the stomach is removed and intestinal rerouting is done.

Duodenal Switch can provide greater weight loss compared to other obesity surgeries. Additionally, it can help in correcting obesity-related diseases such as diabetes.

Duodenal Switch is generally considered as an option for individuals who are severely obese (BMI over 50). Also, individuals with metabolic syndrome who have not achieved satisfactory results with other methods of weight loss may consider this procedure.

After Duodenal Switch surgery, it is important to make lifelong changes in diet and lifestyle. These include a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, supplementation of vitamins and minerals, and regular doctor check-ups.

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