Erdinç Uzunay is an anesthesiologist who was born in Adana Seyhan in 1989. His remarkable achievements during his childhood and youth years led him to pursue a career in medicine. He solidified his theoretical knowledge with his education at Hacettepe University and gained practical experience through hands-on training.

After embarking on his professional journey, Erdinç Uzunay became known for his exceptional abilities in the field of anesthesia. He approaches his patients with empathy and care, ensuring their comfort and safety. By closely following technological advancements, he employs the latest techniques and provides his patients with the best treatment methods. Erdinç Uzunay remains committed to professional ethics and always prioritizes patient satisfaction. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of anesthesia, he plays a significant role in the healthcare sector.

  • Speciality


  • Degree

    Spe. Dr.

  • Areas of Expertise

      General Anesthesia

      Local Anesthesia


      Obstetric Anesthesia

  • University
    Hacettepe University
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