Mehmet Fatih Özlü is a cardiologist who was born in Konya in 1979. Dr. Özlü, a father of four children, started his career with a significant scientific background. After completing his medical education at Hacettepe University, he obtained master's and doctoral degrees to specialize in cardiology. Continuing his academic career as an associate professor, Dr. Özlü has specialized in areas such as the causes and treatment of palpitations, herbal treatment in heart diseases, diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disorders, diagnosis and treatment of heart failure, and diagnosis and treatment of bradycardia. He is a successful physician known for both his extensive medical knowledge and patient-centered approach.

Since the beginning of his professional career, Dr. Mehmet Fatih Özlü has assisted numerous patients and made significant contributions to heart health. By keeping up with developments in cardiovascular medicine, Dr. Özlü constantly updates himself and offers his patients the most suitable treatment options using modern medical methods. Thanks to his academic knowledge and clinical experiences gained at Hacettepe University, he can provide diagnostic and treatment services in a wide range of conditions, from heart valve disorders to heart failure. Dr. Özlü aims to protect the health of each patient by evaluating them individually with a patient-centered approach and creating the best treatment plan.

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  • Degree

    Assoc. Dr.

  • Areas of Expertise

      Causes and treatment of palpitations

      Herbal treatment in heart diseases

      Diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disorders

      Diagnosis and treatment of heart failure

      Herbal treatment in heart failure

      Diagnosis and treatment of bradycardia

  • University
    Hacettepe University
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