Breast Augmentation (Implant)

Breast augmentation (implant) surgery is a popular option in the field of aesthetic surgery for those who want to achieve a fuller and more attractive appearance. With breast augmentation, you can obtain the desired breast size, balance your body proportions, and feel more attractive.

In this procedure, silicone implants are commonly used. Breast augmentation surgery is performed based on the patient's preference and generally aims to achieve a fuller and more shapely appearance. Breast augmentation surgery is usually done for aesthetic reasons, and patients aim to have fuller, shapelier, and symmetrical breasts.


Breast augmentation surgery, also known as breast implant surgery, is a popular surgical procedure that women choose to improve the aesthetics of their breasts and boost their self-confidence. This surgery involves the placement of implants to increase breast size with the goal of achieving a natural and aesthetic appearance. The patient's expectations and desires are taken into account, along with the surgeon's experience and recommendations. The appropriate type of implant for breast augmentation surgery is determined based on the individual's anatomy, body type, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Breast augmentation surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and can take approximately one hour. The surgeon inserts the implant through an incision created either under the breast or around the lower edge of the areola. The position for implant placement can be subglandular (above the muscle) or subpectoral (partially or completely beneath the chest muscle), depending on the individual's anatomy and the surgeon's preferences.

The implants used in breast augmentation surgery can contain saline solution (silicone) or silicone gel. Both options are FDA-approved and considered safe. Silicone gel implants may provide a more natural look and feel, while saline solution implants are a less invasive option. Your surgeon will guide you in choosing the most suitable implant type for you.

The recovery process after breast augmentation surgery is generally fast but can vary depending on individual factors. Some swelling, bruising, and discomfort are normal after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide recommendations to minimize pain and give you instructions to facilitate the healing process. Stitches are usually removed after about one week, and the return to normal daily activities varies from patient to patient.

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular choice that enhances patients' self-confidence and improves body image. If you would like more information about breast augmentation surgery, we encourage you to consult with our expert team!

Breast Augmentation (Implant) Surgery Price

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  • Doctor examination and Check-ups
  • Preoperative Examinations
  • VIP Transfers
  • Only 1 companion may stay with the patient
  • 1 nights’ accommodation at hospital
  • It is mandatory to stay in Antalya for 3-5 days.
  • Individual patient care in English during the stay at the hospital
  • 1 Year Post-op Follow-Up
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Several factors should be taken into account when considering breast augmentation surgery. These may include the impact of breast size or shape on a person's self-confidence, insufficient or asymmetrical breast development, and a decrease in breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss. However, it is important to conduct an individual assessment for each patient.

Breast augmentation surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon places implants through an incision on the breast or in the armpit. Implants can be composed of silicone gel-filled shells containing either saline solution or silicone bubbles filled with saline solution. The incisions are then closed with stitches, and the healing process begins.

Mild pain and discomfort after surgery are normal. However, this pain is usually manageable and can be controlled with pain medications. Your doctor will provide you with recommendations for pain management during the postoperative period.

Breast augmentation surgery carries certain risks. These may include infection, blood clotting, implant leakage or deformity, loss of sensation, scar formation, among other complications. Although these risks are rare, your surgeon will provide you with more detailed information on this subject.

The recovery period can vary from person to person but generally takes a few weeks. Following the surgery, there may be swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the breast area. It is important to rest during a period when physical activities are limited. Your surgeon will provide you with specific instructions regarding the recovery process. 

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