Nutritional Guidance
22 Kasım 2021
Nutritional Guidance
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General Information

The operation is the first step towards a big change in your life. The time after the operation is the tissue repair process and you will have to adopt a new lifestyle and new habits.The most important of these are your eating habits and your exercise habits.As you will be eating small meals from now on, it is important to choose the right diet,i.e.nutritious and high quality food.It is also important that you chew your food thoroughly. 

Take enough time to eat.It is a good idea to spend 30 minutes-at least 20 minuteson your meals.If you do not pay attention to your meals, there is a risk that various deficiency symptomps (such as protein deficiency and vitamin and mineral deficiency) will occur after a gastrointestinal tube operation.

For this reason, meals should be arranged as several regular small meals a day.You should avoid snacking between meals. Do not drink any liquids while you are eating,take your drinks between meals. We recommend that you wait at least 30 minutes after finishing your meal to consume liquids. This way the food will stay in your stomach pocket longer and you will experience a better feeling of satiety with small amount of food.

You can drink water, unsweetened tea and coffee. However, it is not advisable to comsume large quantities of sweet and high-calorie drinks, which can have a negative affect on weight loss.


Rules At Meals:
• Do not drink any liquids while eating!
• Eat slowly!
• Chew your food thoroughly!


Vitamins and Minerals

In order to avoid vitamin mineral deciency,we recommend taking multivitamin mineral tablets and vitamin B12 as a dietary supplement you will receive instructions on these supplements and the necessary recipes. From now on, your vitamin and mineral levels should be kept under control with blood samples that are taken regularly throughout your life. These checks are carried out by your family doctor.

Alcohol Consumption

All types pf alcohol are very caloric, pass easily through the digestive system and therefore have a negative effect on the purpose of the operation. On special occasions, you can have a glass of wine or a similar drink. Most patients notice that the amount of alcohol they tolerate decreases after the operation compared to the previous one. 

Individual Food Tolerance

Some foods are difficult to tolerate. You can find out for yourself by trying them out. For this reason,avoid foods with high sugar or fat content. You should also avoid fibrous and sticky foods (e.g. asparagus and white bread) as these foods stick to the stomach and cause pain and vomitting. Apart from this,you should remember that it is difficult to eat whole meats(especially veal). Minced beef can be better tolerated. However, the most important thing is to choose quality and tender meat and to chew the meat very well.


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