Consequences Of Obesity
22 Kasım 2021
Consequences Of Obesity
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Obesity is often caused by excessive malnutrition and also by too little exercise.Eating is not just about being hungry or full.It is also linked to many cultural,psychological and social patterns.Since our childhood we have learned to use food in a variety of situations,for example for pleasure,celebration,as a reward,but also for comfort or calming feelings.Many factors,including heredity,play a role in the development of obesity.Obesity is not only a daily burden on the body,but also makes everyday life more difficult.While obesity causes psychological and social problems,it also increases the risk of some serious diseases that develop as a result of obesity,which can affect life expentancy and quality of life.


The following examples can given of diseases that can develop as a result of being overweight:
• Atherosclerosis
• Heart Diseases
• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Lung diseases
• Sleep apnoea 
• Disorder of the musculoskeletal system


Losing weight significantly reduces the risk of diseases that can develop as a result of being overweight,and diseases that have already occurred improve or disappear completely.Conventional dietary therapy is rarely beneficial for many overweight people.Both in Turkey and internationally,there is a widespread belief that the only documented effective treatment for obesity and related diseases is operation.

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Moxit Shah
3 Mayıs 2023, 12:32
Thank you so much for giving informative information of about obesity.