Sleeve Gastrectomy
Sleeve Gastrectomy
Sleeve Gastrectomy

The method applied in  Sleeve Gastrectomy (tube stomach) surgery is a closed surgery technique and it is called laparoscopic. In this surgical operation performed by making a very small incision in the body, ports are placed in the incisions and thus the stomach is reached. A surgical telescope with a camera, and tools are placed in order to perform the surgery from multiple incisions. The surgery to be performed is monitored on the monitor with the surgical telescope reaching the stomach. Stomach is stapled and cut in vertical plane with devices with specially developed stapler technology. In this way, approximately 75 -80% of the stomach is removed. Since the remaining stomach will fill up very quickly, the patients get full quickly and experience loss of appetite. In Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries performed with a closed method, the abdomen is primarily inflated with CO2 gas. Later, the stomach is separated from the spleen, fatty tissues and veins. A tube-shaped stomach remains from the stomach, most of which is removed.




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Anita bamford
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Gastric sleeve packages
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I am interested in getting the gastric sleeve surgery done but can you tell me more informatio? Such as; total pricing and what is included in the package, etc? Thank you.
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I’m interested in gastric sleeve, please can you email me information on this
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How much is this I have high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and I've tried every diet going
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Interested in Gastric sleeve procedure, im also type 2 diabetic but my bmi is 37
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How much for sleeve and how soon
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Hi could could you send me prices for gastric sleeve plz
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im 20 years old tried loosing weight everyways possible
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Hi I would like to come in June for a gastric sleeve.
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21 Aralık 2021, 10:58
I am wanting information on gastric sleeve surgery. I am looking at April next year. Thanks