What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)? Who Is It Applied?

Rhinoplasty, to have a natural appearance by correcting the nose shape in accordance with the facial structure of the person and it is a surgical procedure that contributes to the improvement of respiratory functions.

The disruption in the structure of the nose is resolved by constantly evolving technologies, medical applications and reliable methods.

Rhinoplasty performed using different medical techniques as a result of the advice and guidance of the specialist doctor.At the end of the rhinoplasty operation people will have a nose with the appearance they prefer, and if they have respiratory problems, this problem is also will resolved.

Therefore, rhinoplasty, ie nasal aesthetic application, is extremely important in terms of both health and aesthetics.

If you have a disruption in your nose that bother you or if you have a functional disorder other than physical disorders,if the structure of your nose bothers you, you can have nose jop.


What methods are used in nasal aesthetic surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery, according to the changes to be made in the nose of the person and the skin structure of the person,as open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty is performed.


Open Nose Aesthetics

Open rhinoplasty surgery is performed by making a small "V" shaped incision in the area between the nostrils.

This application is preferred in patients with nasal tip problems and severe bone curvature.


Closed Nose Aesthetics

Closed nose aesthetics is applied by performing the intervention in the inner part of the nose. No external incision marks are seen on the nose after closed rhinoplasty surgery. This process, which requires experience, is made extremely meticulous.

These techniques may have advantages over each other, but what is important is that to correct the problem in the patient's nose by appropriate way.


What Should Be Considered After Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetics)?

  • It is extremely normal to see edema, swelling and bruises in the nose area after the operation.
  • This swelling and the bruises disappear spontaneously within an average of 1 week after the operation, but this time may take longer depending on the person.
  • After the rhinoplasty surgery, cold application should be applied around the eyes for five to ten minutes per hour during approximately 48 hours.
  • After the surgery, the nose area should be kept away from trauma and heavy things should not be carried for about 3 weeks.
  • The patient should be protected from sunlight until the bruises that occur after the surgery disappear and should definitely use sunscreen.
  • Since smoking causes bleeding, infection and delay in the healing process,patients should not smoke, especially in the first two weeks after surgery.
  • Simple exercises such as walking can be done 1 week after the operation.







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