Arm-Thigh Lift
Arm-Thigh Lift
Arm-Thigh Lift

What is Arm Lift and Thigh Lift Surgery?

The skin loses its elastic structure and sagging occurs in the arms and legs due to age, environmental and genetic factors. Arm and thigh lifting surgery is the operations performed to correct the sagging, fat and excess in these areas. Fat and sagging in the arms and legs affect both the appearance and mental health of the person. Especially in summer, when t-shirts and shorts are worn, there is a loss of self-confidence due to sagging that causes the person to feel bad. Arm lifting operations, which help patients feel good and gain self-confidence, take approximately 2-3 hours, and thigh lifting operations take 3-4 hours.


How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

It should be performed by a specialist in the field of arm lifting surgery using general anesthesia and local anesthesia. The surgical technique is chosen in accordance with the sagging rate of the skin, adipose tissue and the patient's body characteristics. The most common procedures in arm lift surgery are liposuction and laser applications. In arm lifting surgeries, excess skin sagging is removed. Skin thickness is high in sagging due to severe weight gain and decrease. Therefore, liposuction is done and the sagging skin is removed.


How is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

Thigh lift surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia. Excess skin and fat are removed by making an incision on the inner surface of the leg over the groin line. After thigh lift, there may be swelling and bruising on the inner surface of the leg. It may take about 1 week for the swelling and bruising to disappear. You can have a tighter arm and leg appearance with arm and thigh lift surgery. Necessary examinations of the patient are performed before arm and leg lift surgeries. Apart from that, if the patient has an additional health problem, it is carefully checked whether there is any obstacle to the operation.

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