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Mr. Irfan's Obesity Story

Since 1996, Mr. İrfan has steadily gained weight for various reasons. Recently, it has reached 140 kilos with the effect of staying at home due to the pandemic. In his words, this was the last point for him. Because his increasing weight, which he could not prevent, started to affect both his social life and his health.

Deciding to have an operation to get rid of his excess weight, Mr. İrfan started to research various hospitals and doctors from Turkey for this. During this time, he conducts many interviews. In his meeting with our specialist, Barış Gülgez, the right guidance for him affects İrfan very much and he decides to start his new life with Akdeniz Şifa Hospital.

Feeling the happiness of the decision he made in the first days of his new life, Mr. İrfan's next goal is to continue to lose weight in a healthy way and reach his ideal weight.

We wish Irfan good health in this new adventure.

Mr. İrfan shares his Mediterranean Healing adventure for you.

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